Top 5 Dog Toys of 2019

Who saved who? That infamous pet adoption line goes way beyond that. Any dog owner (or pet owner), regardless if they rescued their furry friends or not, will tell you that they love their pets and only want happiness for them. Not too difficult, right?

The average animal loving owner will willingly spend tons of money on their pets. Even USA Today noted in an article here that an average of 72% of millennial spend roughly $1,285 a year on their pets. What are they spending their hard earned money on? Food, vet visits, and toys/accessories for their fur babies.

What do They LOVE?

One of the best experiences of being a dog owner is the excitement and joy you see on your pets face when they receive a new ball or chew toy to play with. Jumping up and down waiting for you to throw the brand new tennis ball you got them. Begging for the new squeaky chew toy you keep squeezing. Maybe they’re more of a tug-of-war kind of player? Whatever the case, the joy on that pups face is priceless. Now, what about if they don’t even acknowledge it? That can definitely be annoying. So how do we prevent getting a useless toy and ensure they’ll love the toys they get? 

There are TONS of different types of dog toys out there, but we only want the BEST. 

Growing up I was surrounded by dogs all over the place and I loved it. With all of my K-9 experience there was one thing I found in common, THEY ALL LOVE TO PLAY!

BUT, not all dogs enjoy the same toys! So I began to take note of which toys were the best winners with my furry friends and I’ll break it down here for you!

Up first at #5, 

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