Traveling to Thailand in 2019 – Best Tips for Your Trip

Traveling to Thailand in 2019 – Best Tips for Your Trip

Traveling to Thailand has become one of the top destinations for explorers as of late. My girlfriend Nathalie and I were looking to travel out of the country and with all of the talk about Thailand we decided that was our destination. In January 2018 we embarked on a 3 week trip which included 2 weeks in Thailand and 1 week in the Philippines. It was truly a life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone! The beautiful white sandy beaches with incredibly clear blue water was breath taking. Every local we encountered from all of the places we stayed were welcoming and helpful. The memories we made were priceless.

Its no surprise that Traveling to Thailand has become increasingly popular over the years. The cost of travel and stay, along with the beautiful scenery makes for a perfect trip. Similar to most global travelers, during our travels we tend to run into tons of like minded explorers. Talking to these other world travelers while on your trips can be VERY beneficial as they may have some great information to share with you. Some of that shared information has helped us tremendously with future trips we’ve had, and now I’d love to share all of what I’ve learned with you!

Traveling to Thailand Tip #1;

Plan Ahead, Book Your Flight Early!

Although this tip definitely goes with any trip, planning ahead is often overlooked and can be costly. We booked our flight 6 weeks ahead. The price for our flights came out to $450 for each round trip ticket from LAX to BKK. Killer deal. Afterwards we continued to monitor prices to see how much they had changed. In the next couple of weeks we saw ticket prices rise up to $700-$800. Currently our regular flights back to LA are pricey because we didn’t plan in time, oops!

Traveling to Thailand Tip #2;

There’s Bugs in Thailand, Bring Deet!

Temperatures in Thailand tend to be hot and humid, in case you were unaware. So  you may be planning on wearing shorts, tank tops and bikinis, right? While those may totally fine for the heat, you must be aware that Thailand typically has tons of insects and small mosquitoes. One of the best tips I can give is to get some insect repellent to help keep those little buggers off of you! You can view a list of the Top 5 Bug Repellents here! 

Currency Exchange for Thai Baht

Traveling to Thailand Tip #3

Convert Your Money Before Traveling.

This was a tough one for me as I had never traveled to Thailand and had no clue how the money withdraw situation would be. We decided to convert our cash here in the states first rather than find out there in Thailand. We went to our local currency exchange to get the Thai currency, the Thai Baht.

Traveling to Thailand Tip #4

Save Money by Staying at Hostels

If you are planning on traveling to Thailand, chances are you’re looking for a place to stay. If you are doing a backpacking or true free exploration then I would recommend staying in a hostel. Hostels without a doubt offer the best rates for any worldwide traveler. Some hostels I saw were listed as low as $4 USD an evening. (SUPER CHEAP) Now don’t get me wrong, these hostels are definitely no where near as comfortable as your own hotel room. Although if you coughed up a few more bucks and paid around $9-$10 a night you can land yourself a pretty decent place to stay.

All of this would be in comparison to any other hotel. We stayed in 2 separate hotels and both were AT LEAST $100 a night, and that was on the cheap side. The hotels there are priced quite similarly to those in the US. So save yourself some money on the hotels by staying in hostels, so that you can spend more on fun activities!

Traveling to Thailand Tip #5

Bring Waterproof Cases for Your Electronics

There’s nothing worse than taking beautiful pictures of your exotic trip and then dropping your camera into the water loosing them all. Thailand is loaded with waterfalls, natural stream pools and incredible beaches, and I can guarantee you’ll want to take pictures. If your phone isn’t waterproof, I’d definitely recommend getting a waterproof case. You’ll be around water all the time and trust me you’ll be thankful you have it.

Traveling to Thailand Tip #6

Negotiate Cash Price Deals

Most of the locals will tell you that they thrive off of the tourist coming and spending their money there. Most of the Thai vendors that I encountered accepted cash. Just about every store or business was willing to work with you on the price of whatever you were looking to buy. I was told by some of the hostel employees who were born and raised in Thailand told me that they thrice on the tourism. Part of how they make a living is from goods and services they sell to travelers and they’ll work with you to make a sale.  So make sure to get yourself the most bang for your buck!

Thailand Vacation FoodTraveling to Thailand Tip #7

Watch What You Eat!

One of the highlights of traveling is the INCREDIBLE food you get to taste. For me, I was trying something new to eat every second I could. From street vendors selling chicken cuts on a stick, or banana Nutella crepes. The list of available street food was endless. BUT, you must be cautious of what you’re eating! My girlfriend and I went on a day cruise to visit the surrounding beaches and lunch was included. Fresh caught fish cooked on the BBQ with decoratively carved out fruit. The meal was DELICIOUS. Although unfortunately I hate to say that later that evening both my girlfriend and I spent our night with our heads in the toilet as we both ended up getting food poisoning.
Watch what you eat!

Traveling to Thailand Tip #8

Leave Empty Days To Find Adventures When You Arrive

I know I know, why would you want to wait last minute to plan your activities? When it comes to planning your fun, I’ve learned that some things are better left up in the air. Sure, if there’s something going on that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to do, then by all means plan ahead!

In Los Angeles my girlfriend and I had planned out so many things but could only decide on a couple of things that we certainly wanted to do and left the rest up in the air. When we arrived in Thailand we found a travel agency that assist with planning all of your trip activities. Come to find out that we paid almost twice as much for a day tour we paid for online, when they had the same exact tour available for cheaper. The rest of our trip we planned and paid for there at separate agencies in Thailand, and they were much cheaper.

Traveling to Thailand Temples

Traveling to Thailand Tip #9

Download Uber

That’s right I said it! Many of the Thai locals drive with Uber and it’s very convenient. While riding in the Tuk-Tuks is exhilirating, its not exactly the best way to travel with luggage. Uber operates in Thailand and the fare is definitely cheaper relatively speaking. From my experience at least. Riding with Uber also cuts out the possibility of getting overcharged by a taxi driver. Yeah, it still happens.

Traveling to Thailand Tip #10

If WiFi is a True Necessity, do Some Research Beforehand.

WiFi has become a huge factor over the last few years. With the massive growth in technology and social media WiFi has become almost a standard perk anywhere you go. When it comes to the WiFi quality in Thailand I found it to be very unreliable. Some locations were much much better than others, but nonetheless nothing was ever as good as the internet connection from back home. Now I understand that most people can live without the need of WiFi or the internet, but I bring this up for those who work off of their laptops or use the internet on a daily basis to make a living. If thats you then you may want to make sure that you have a reliable source for internet to prevent having to run around searching for the WiFi savior.

One Way Travel, One way flight deals


My Life Changing Experiences From Traveling to Thailand

All in all my trip to Thailand was incredible and I cannot wait to do it all over again! The tips I provide above are all based off of my experiences I had while traveling in Thailand.

What Are Your Top Tips For Traveling Thailand?

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